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ClickSpace transformed Braddan Parish Commissioners' Website - improving residents access to services and information, whilst encouraging community engagement within the Parish

Client Overview

Braddan Parish Commissioners, a local authority in the Isle of Man, sought to revamp their online presence to better serve their community. With a commitment to enhancing resident engagement and fostering a sense of belonging, Braddan Parish Commissioners needed a website that placed people and community at its core. To achieve this goal, they partnered with ClickSpace, a web design agency known for its innovative and user-centric approach.


Lack of Community-Centric Features

The existing website lacked features that facilitated interaction between residents and the commissioners, and there was no space to encourage and promote engagement within the community.

Difficulty in Locating Community Spaces

The existing website did not contain information about indoor and outdoor spaces available within the parish for recreational, cultural, or social activities. This hindered residents in accessing and organising opportunities for community engagement.

Limited Visibility of Community Groups

There was no centralised platform for residents to discover local groups, classes, societies and initiatives within the parish.


ClickSpace collaborated closely with Braddan Parish Commissioners to understand their vision and the needs of their community. Together, they devised a comprehensive strategy to transform the website into a vibrant hub for community engagement. The key components of the solution included:

User-Centric Design

ClickSpace prioritized user experience and accessibility, ensuring that the website was intuitive and easy to navigate for residents of all ages and digital literacy levels.

The design elements were tailored to evoke a sense of community spirit and inclusivity, with engaging visuals and interactive features that encouraged exploration and participation.

Spaces Feature

ClickSpace implemented a dedicated “Spaces” page on the website, serving as a comprehensive directory of indoor and outdoor venues within the parish.

Each space listing featured detailed information, including amenities, availability, booking procedures, and contact details, making it easier for residents to explore and utilize community spaces for various activities.

Community Feature

The “Community” page was designed as a dynamic repository of local events, activities, and community groups. Residents can browse through a directory of community groups, such as clubs, societies, and support networks, encouraging connections and collaboration among residents with shared interests or causes.

Responsive and Lightweight

Recognising the volume of site visitors who would access the website immediately after being introduced to the brand at the many upcoming conferences and tradeshows that SmartRoam planned to attend, ClickSpace ensured that website provided an optimal viewing experience across all devices, including smartphones and tablets. This approach aimed to cater to the on-the-go nature of the target audience, whilst the lightweight build ensured network connectivity did not hamper the user experience.

Integration and Testing

As with all ClickSpace projects, the website was meticulously tested to ensure compatibility across various browsers and devices prior to launch.


The collaboration between ClickSpace and Braddan Parish Commissioners yielded transformative outcomes, enriching the digital experience for residents and enhancing community cohesion:

Improved Access to Resources

Residents could now easily discover and access a diverse range of community spaces, events, and groups, enriching their quality of life and sense of belonging within the parish.


Through strategic collaboration and innovative design, ClickSpace empowered Braddan Parish Commissioners to place people and community at the heart of their new website. By prioritizing accessibility, inclusivity, and engagement, the revamped platform emerged as a vital resource for residents to connect, explore, and thrive within their vibrant community. As a testament to the success of the project, the partnership between ClickSpace and Braddan Parish Commissioners continues to inspire digital transformation initiatives aimed at enhancing citizen-centric services and fostering community well-being.


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